Are GMOs Changing your DNA? The Shocking Truth…

When I talk about GMOs, my friends and family usually draw a blank… lol I can’t blame them – I’ve only been following this since around 2010, so I can’t expect them to just say, “Oh yeah, I know what you mean man…” gmo-in-trash

GMOs are the least covered yet MOST dangerous man-made threat to our society as a whole, PERIOD.

If we don’t become aware and speak out about it, the devastation will be felt world wide, in every country… let me explain:

First, what the heck is a GMO anyway??

Genetically Modified Organisms are not to be confused with hybrids and cross-pollinated plants, that’s ok – that’s just forcing two varieties to reproduce for a new color or to increase sensitivity to cold, for examples.

The GMOs we are talking about here are corn, soy, canola, sugar, cotton, and a few other cash crops that have had their DNA altered to include things like pesticide (BT Toxin) and weed-killer (Round-Up).   When insects eat GMO crops, their guts basically blow up! But that’s not all…

What’s more is that some crops, like corn, have had their reproductive genes taken out!  You have to buy more corn directly from Monsanto from season to season because your corn will not produce seeds!  What ever will me do for popcorn, lol. But seriously it get’s worse….

The second thing you have to understand is what they say is true, you really are what you eat!

istock000004767349smallThink about the flamingo. Did you know that flamingos are born with white feathers and because of their diet (shrimp), they turn pink or orange. (click here for evidence)  What you can conclude from this is that YOUR DNA also changes and mutates throughout your life depending on your life experiences AND depending on what you eat!

Now that you know what GMOs are and you know that your DNA can be altered by diet, let’s put the danger of GMOs into perspective…

When you are eating your favorite corn chips, there is a 90% chance that you are ingesting GMO corn.  The bacteria in your gut then breaks down the modified corn, and eventually start carrying the BT toxin, RoundUp or sterile traits.

Click to see How GMO Corn is Made

The danger is obvious, folks, as your own body starts to produce these toxins and eventually you lose the ability to reproduce.

You don’t have to believe me, there are several studies following this.  There was a survey done in Canada a few years back that found 90% of pregnant women tested had this BT toxin in their bodies and over 80% of the newborns had it!

A study on GMO fed rats led to the development of cancer, hair growing inside their mouths and the rats that survived lost the ability to reproduce after the 3rd generation! Check out that article here. Just look at these franken-rats:

Click to expand

top_ten_genetically_modified_foodsMonsanto is the largest company behind this perpetration.  Their staff has even infiltrated the various commissions of government that are supposed to protect us! For example, Michael Taylor (Monsanto’s former vice president) was just appointed senior adviser to the commissioner of the FDA… Thanks Obama… ‘preciate that.

The Monsanto’s own cafeteria actually demanded organic food… one Monsanto scientist studying the effects of GMO-fed cows went and bought his own… Isn’t that crazy?

The BIG problem with GMOs is that the non-sterile versions ARE reproducing… soon, there will not be any God-given seeds on the planet… all will be cross-contaminated by these experimental freaks of nature!


Is there Hope?

How do we stop this? Well, California almost passed a state-law requiring the labeling of foods containing GMOs… didn’t pass because Monsanto ran campaigns supporting GMOs as a safe necessity to keep costs down and solve world hunger, etc.

So, with no help from our government what else can we do?  Simple. BUY ORGANIC!

Note: 100% Natural does NOT mean Organic!  A company could put mercury in your food and call it Natural because it comes from the earth, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should consume it.  So, don’t fall for any All-Natural labels, they can be misleading.

Read your ingredient label!

Stop counting calories and fat, just look for the Organic seal and organic ingredients which are usually labeled as such.


The seal means it’s real!

Also, don’t shop these brands, as they don’t want you to know what’s in your food:companys-who-oppose-gmos

Remember, the FDA is allowing the above companies to not label all of the GMOs on their products.  So put down the Dorito’s and avoid it’s GMO cousins all together.

My goal was to write an EYE-OPENING post about GMOs and get you talking about it to your friends now that you are knowledgeable about the subject.  I hope this helps!

Stay healthy my friends… your health is your wealth.



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